Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ferns. My favorite house plant.

    So, this week I set out to add some color to my window edge by painting my old terra cotta pots.The first pot I painted with acrylic paints and then added 3 layers of polyurethane to protect the paint.I found polyurethane next to the acrylic paints in a  bottle labeled indoor/outdoor varnish.

For the second pot I used an old book which had been damaged. I used Mod-Podge to collage the ripped pieces of page to the pot, carefully..then I applied 3 layers of polyurethane. letting each layer dry between application.So far, so good.

being the book nerd I am, the book pot is by far my favorite.

And lets not forget the beautiful plants inside the pots. Ferns. My favorite house plant...Not only are they easy to care for they add a beautiful lush green to any window edge or bright natural lit area.Most Ferns are non-toxic to cats which is a huge plus for me. Having cats means getting plants nibbled on matter what I do to deter them so making sure my houseplants are non-toxic is very important to me.

 The only exception to most ferns being non-toxic  is the asparagus fern.However, the asparagus fern may shares the name fern and looks very similar; the asparagus fern is not a true fern at all and is actually related to the lily family of plants. This plant, while beautiful.. is toxic to cats and should be avoided as an indoor plant if you have cats.

 My favorite two ferns are Christmas fern and the lemon button fern. Both are pictured. The lemon button fern has nice rounded leaves and when rubbed has a very slight lemon fragrance. while the Christmas fern is a very traditional looking fern. Lush and green!The bigger the pot, the bigger the fern will grow!

Another thing that make ferns my favorite plant is their history. Ferns have been found in fossils that are over millions of years old. How cool is that?

With so many different types of ferns to choose from you shouldn't have any trouble finding your favorites.

What is your favorite house plant?